This better be just the theatrical cut, if there isn’t an uncut R rated version of the film for home media I’m going to be very unhappy. 

atomictiki tagged me in a post regarding on music. So without further delay, here are ten songs that were randomly played during my first run in a shuffle on my ipod. 

Staff Roll - Mahito Yokota, Toru Minegishi, Yasuaki Iwata, Koji Kondo
Blue Hector - Peter McConnell
At the gala - Daniel Ingram 
Just taking a walk - Tom Scott
Bossa De Link - The oneups
Gates Of Hell Hiroshi Yamaguchi
The Amazon -Jake Kaufman
Catfish Row - Association production music. 
Donut Lifts - The Oneups
Wind Scene - insanetherainmusic

Wow. A lot of video game tracks came up on this shuffle. Now for tagging. I tag edness-madness bewareofcuccos and sirjoey-23



Every student should look at Cats Don’t Dance designs for training!

In my mind. I still believe that Shirley Temple got a huge laugh out of this little satire version of herself as a kid. Its a shame Cats Don’t Dance bombed(thanks to WB’s marketing for not having faith in it). Cause it really has fantastic animation even for WB standards in terms of film. 

thenattkidd asked:

What's your favorite Spyro The Dragon video game? I assume the 2nd one, Ripto's Rage. I mean most of the people that played the PS1 Spyro games state that the second video game in the franchise's installment is the best out of all of them. (I only played the demo version of the first one in Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped.)

To be honest. I haven’t played the second one apart from playing the demo of it as a kid. My favorite Spyro game would have to be the first one. Its a shame that I broke it when I was a kid(clueless me -_-). 

thenattkidd asked:

What was your reaction when finding out the whole Sony owning Crash Bandicoot again rumor turned out to be misunderstood and no announcement for Crash Bandicoot was given at this year's E3. A lot of fans including me and my other online friend got rrrrreeeaallly bummed out, I even so very oddly got myself kind of depressed after that to..

To be honest I was completely disappointed. I was expecting Crash to show up at this year’s E3 since it was hinted in various ways that Sony rescued Crash. Until the day comes. Crash will be sitting in the waiting room for a comeback.