Microsoft fans don’t give a fuck about Rareware’s games, all they only care about is Halo. Literally, I never saw a single Xbot say he likes a Rareware video game. Most of these stupid ass MS fans are casual douche bag bro saying people, they don’t know much about other shit of video gaming. Oh but theirs Call Of Duty, yeah that’s a generic effortless work franchise there. And Microsoft knows that, hahaha. Nintendo all the way!!

Its safe to say that Microsoft only bought Rare just to fuck with gamers, fans of Nintendo, fans of Rare, and Rare itself sadly. How else can you explain the bullshit that has been happening to Rare for the past 13 years now? For everything Rare tries to do to fix themselves out of the hole, Microsoft pulls out a jackhammer to make the hole bigger for Rare since they enjoy screwing with them more than a dog that hasn’t been neutered.

Conker’s Other Bad fur Day didn’t happen because Microsoft admitted that they had no idea who Bad fur day was aiming for in the first place. Half of the original ideas didn’t get approved of because none of them were like Call Of Duty. And banjo threeie didn’t happen because Rare had the shotgun put to them while they were developing a different game that had the use of cars that was completely different. However, its bad enough on Rare’s part that they were secretly developing Banjo-threeie while working on this ‘original title’. Microsoft later got wind of this and forced Rare to rework the game itno what we got for Nuts and Bolts. Leaving fans of the original Banjo Kazooie games with mixed feelings, while Rare on the other hand feeling completely guiltily for  betraying the fans when it was out of their control. And worse offender. Microsoft told Chris Seavor that he couldn’t make Other bad fur day because Nuts and Bolts flopped(which later resorted to Seavor quitting Rare and later criticizing Microsoft for fucking up on numerous times, I dont blame him for doing that really). What more is needed to be said when we all know that Nintendo was the rightful place for this company that was once loved by the gaming community? Its a shame that Microsoft’s killing a good studio.