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Alright. I got tagged by bewareofcuccos. Here are the questions I got from her and my answers(below this Q&A are my questions) now onward with the answers. 

1.) Always post the rules.
2.) Answer the questions that the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones
3.) Tag 11 people and link them to this post (I know it says 11, but I tagged 7). .
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Questions from Chelsea (Beware of Cuccos)

1. What is your favorite video game of all time?
Hard to say which one is a favorite(since I am a huge gamer, so I have a ton of favorites) but if I could pick one out of all of them. It would be Epic Mickey. Now. Epic Mickey not only reintroduces the classic Mickey Mouse to gamers who aren’t familiar with Mickey mouse how he was in the golden age can really get a look on how he was(and not a dumbed down character that most people see him as). Plus. The development team behind this game did their research when it came to making this game. To make sure everything in the cartoon universe was accurate to make it look like its a Walt Disney approved video game. Plus as a bonus, its the first time that Walt’s first creation Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, gets brought into CG and into a video game. Its a shame the sequel didn’t sell well enough for a part 3 of the series.

2. Do you play any instruments? If so, what? If not, what instrument(s) would you like to learn to play?
I used to play the drums, but I lost interest in playing the drum when I entered the 6th grade. I’ve been meaning to get around to  learning how to play the piano. But life is getting in the way of that -_-

3. What is your favorite classic rock band?

Not into rock, but I do enjoy listening to Queen(as long as nobody sings the songs 24/7 since that kills the joy of the songs for me).

4. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
If it isn’t hot as hell outside, I enjoy taking watch at nature.

5. Who is someone you look up to or admire? Why?
I’m not sure how to answer this. Considering that I have more than one person to look up to.

6. Describe your idea of a perfect day (no work or school, money is no object).
My idea for a perfect day is not being bothered by idiotic people who have brains the size of peanuts.  Having a nice weather like day for the astomphere. And a playlist of some of my favorite jazz songs to make it through the day.

7. What do you believe to be the most interesting/important decade of the past 100 years, and why?
I cant of an answer for this one.  

8. Do you have any pets? What are they and what are their names? (Post pictures if you can!)
I used to have a dog named Ray. I had him when I was in my second year in middle school. He passed away in may of this year, he was a good dog. 

9. What is your favorite horror movie?
If horror comedies can count, my favorite horror movie is Rob Zombie’s The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto. I can’t think of a better horror movie to top this movie.

10. Where are you from (or what is the nearest major city to you)? What is something fun you would recommend to people reading this that they should do when they’re in your city?
Not a lot going around in the boston area, but if you’re going to head down there check out the aquarium area.   

11. Do you collect anything? If so, what? (Post pictures of your collection(s) if you can)

I collect old school video games. Like games for the NES and N64.I’ll post a few pictures if I can.  

Questions from Leo(CLXcool)

1. If you had to choose three superpowers to have(e.g flying, x-ray vision, super strength, telekinesis etc). What three will they be and why you pick these powers(give a good explanation on that one).   

2. What was the worse movie you’ve ever saw that you vowed to never speak of it again to anyone thats how bad it was. 

3. Do you have allergies(or are allergic) to any certain foods?

4. If you could go back in time, where would you go? What year, day, and why you picked that particular day to travel through time on.

5. What are your five favorite video games(they have to be one from different series, so no picking games from the same series if you picked one from that series). 

6. What canceled movie(movies) that didn’t get made did you wish that got made? Note: They have to be actual film projects that went through development process and end up being scrapped.

7. Have you met anyone famous(if not, which famous or not so famous person would you like to meet).

8. You ever snapped at someone you know(friend, foe, family member) by calling out their flaws and/or whatever you disagreed with when they couldn’t take a hint that you disliked whatever it was they were talking about.

9. Jontron or Dannysexbang(you can’t choose both)

10. If you listen to jazz. Who are your favorite jazz bands and who are your favorite artists who explore with the music genre of jazz?

11. Name 11 things you like that others dislike. 

Is there a Microsoft Rareware video game you only like?

I will admit I do love Kameo. I’ve always wondered how a fantasy game by Rare would be handled if they adventured into the fantasy genre. I got my wish. I wish that Microsoft didn’t cancel the development of Kameo II though. 

Scrap doodles of mine that were done on sunday, monday, and today tuesday. favorite ones in order(I might scrap these on DA)

Eddy holding the axe.
Sad ed getting birded by the chicken
All of the mr wilson doodles
The wheelie brothers
and that red baddie

Your da coolest that what i have to say!

You’re too kind. 


One of the stamper brothers is back!

Easter egg time. If you look at the licence plates in ‘Stimpy’s Pregnant’ in the adult party cartoon there are three plates that reference three actual people in the animation industry. In order Clmptt, C Jones, and Amid. These are references to late animation directors Chuck Jones and Bob Clampett. And(still living btw) Amid Amid of cartoon brew.

A limited cel of the priemere of the tom and jerry movie. Note. This isn’t in the movie. This was made as one of those ‘limited collection’ cels. Its nice to see Tex Avery’s characters collide with Tom and Jerry. Its a shame that the movie of the infamous cat and mouse is just a Disney wannabe musical. It lacked the charm of the theatrical shorts and missed out on having cameos of Wolfie and Red. At least Droopy had a cameo in the movie. 

A limited cel of the priemere of the tom and jerry movie. Note. This isn’t in the movie. This was made as one of those ‘limited collection’ cels. Its nice to see Tex Avery’s characters collide with Tom and Jerry. Its a shame that the movie of the infamous cat and mouse is just a Disney wannabe musical. It lacked the charm of the theatrical shorts and missed out on having cameos of Wolfie and Red. At least Droopy had a cameo in the movie. 


Stars and garters



Stars and garters


No, but followers, I really want to get to know you.


So tell me your name, your main ship, first fandom, three things about you, why you follow me, and what I could do that would make you unfollow. 

Any takers?

I’m interested to hear what my tumblr followers have to say about yours truly. 

Today’s saturday morning goodness, a new episode of Steven Universe. This hasn’t even aired in the USA yet, if you’re looking to watch this episode. You can do so now. Just follow the link in the youtube description if you don’t want to watch it on a small screen. 

This is the most expressive steven universe episode yet. 

This is going to be good. 

Me whenever someone tells me their idiotic idea and they think its going to work. 



how was this a children’s show

it wasnt, this was a spinoff adult series

Its from Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon. An adult spin-off of the original show. Spike tv requested Spumco to make Ren and Stimpy for an adult audience. They later chickened out on the show after the infamous ‘janet jackson’ incident that banned the episode ‘Naked Beach Frenzy’ that was supposed to air the night after that. Spike later pulled on the plug on their animation block and canceled the development of the second season. Its  a shame that adult animation that are comedies that are animated and for adults are not as funny as APC. And try to be more on the lines of Seth Macfarlane’s untalented humorless cartoons. 

Jontron is being very classy here.

Jontron is being very classy here.

Seeing Disney make an Easter egg like that pisses me off. I mean I believe that it can work if it was just like ''old criminal'' or something. I mean really, is that suppose to say that Frozen is in the same timeline of that movie?! Frozen takes place in the past, shit like this will get view attention morons to make bullshit accusation's about how this or that is post apocolyptical like what happened last year when some guy tried to state the same falseness with the Pixar film's. Seriously, bs.

Its plainly obvious that the movie doesn’t take place in the same timeline as frozen did. Frozen took place in the past, Big hero 6 takes place around our time(2009-2014 at best). I can’t even make out what the description on Hans wanted poster says anyway. Whenever the movie comes out on DVD(which I can assume might be around sometime next year) I’ll take a look into it on what the wanted poster said.

Besides. This isn’t the first time Disney has put an easter egg to their characters in a movie. If you look around in some of the animated movies(like 101 Datamations, Oliver and Company, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid to name a few) there are easter eggs to other Disney characters in those movies. I do agree this could lead to another false belief thing. But people love to find easter eggs in movies. So take your pick on the outcome on this goes.